The peloids are the results of geological and biological formations, which are more than ten thousand years old. Their organic matter and mineral salt contents are high. They have a significant expanding (water fixing) and heat-preserving capacities therefore their exothermic capacity is slow. Due to these properties they have been used in therapy for more than hundred years. The combination of the natural physical, chemical and biological effects have a very good result on the regeneration of the skin and connective tissues, on reducing the inflamed processes and tumefactions and on depleting the histic toxic substances. The heating effect enlarges the capillaries of the skin, its oxygen and nutriment supplies, this way it makes it resistant and it reduces the visible signs of ageing due to environmental effects. At the same time it helps the absorption of the mud components through the large surface of the skin, therefore if we use it on the whole body the natural peat medicinal mud will assure increased and lasting good general condition. With its regular usage the natural reventive capacity of the immune system will increase.

The products are made from natural peat-bog mud.The product family is worthily world-famous, so not only in therapy but also in cosmetics it has a significant role. Our world today constantly attacks every cell of the human body with artificial effects, chemicals internally and externally too. This is the reason why our organism is put to increased danger, it often loses its natural regenerative capacity its general stamina fails, while at work and in everyday life it has to face larger and larger challenges. Therefore one of our most important duties is to supply our body with “ living materials”, respectively with their derivatives. These materials not only infiltrate perfectly but also their natural emptying happens without side-effects.

If you use the products once a week for cosmetical purpose and twice or three times a week for medical aim your body will get such building blocks, which can be utilized in 100% natural way, it will get such mineral materials, macro and micro elements, which are absorbed directly on the treated territory, so they can infiltrate perfectly into the tissues. The basic material of the products is natural peat-mud, which with its excellent heat-preserving and humidity fixing capacities can improve the metabolism of the treated part effectively and it can improve the natural detoxication. Complete your cure with detoxicating decoction of herbs.The regular whole-body treatments will improve the immune system and they assure a good general condition for every day.

Its durable physical effect is assured by the following factors: its large thermal capacity, which warms the body (0.917 cal/cm3 K), its heat-preserving capacity (660 s) and its small heat-conductivity.The chemical effect can be seen in the following facts: the sulphur is absorbed in the articular cartilage tissue, the humic acid has an antiseptic and complex-forming character and the oestrogen has an influence on the potassium-metabolism and on the calcitonin production. The complex effect of the medicinal mud is characterised by the improvement of thosands of rheumatic people. The effective substances of the medicinal mud are: humic acid above 6%, 24 000-27 000 mg/kg sulphur, 500-3000 mg/kg Ca, which can be dissolved in hot water, 1100-9800 mg/kg SO4 and different micro elements. The medicinal mud does not contain any materials, which would cause allergy. In the following cases is the medicinal mud suggested to use: in the resting period of inflamed joint and spine diseases, for the after-treatment of fractions, in the case of dermatological diseases having increased hornification (psoriasis),in the case of gynaecological diseases (chronic inflammations, period disorders) and for cosmetic packs. Every disease or state, which forbids bathing cure and warm treatment is contra-indicated. Especially infecting diseases, fever, acute joint inflammation, gout attack, pregnancy, lung diseases, tuberculated diseases, heart and circulatory disorders (varicosis, arteriosclerosis) and in case of high blood pressure.

Components: fresh peat, extr.bitumen, pectin,hemicellulose, cellulose, humic acid, lignin-humic, macro and micro elements:Cl-,SO4-,HCO3-,Ca, Mg, K,Na, Al,Mn, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mo, Ni, P, Pb,S,Ti,V,Zn, mineral salts.

Indication for therapy Degenerative joint and spine diseases, in the resting period of polyarthiritis, endocrin and metabolic arthropathia, psoriasis and arthropathia psoriatica, fracture, chronic adnexitis, period disorders, pelveopathia vegetetiva and infantile genitalias.

Contra-indication Every illness or state, which forbids the bathing cure and warm treatments: primaer or exacerbalt joint inflammation, active SPA, gout attack, malignus tuberculated diseases, fixed hypertonia, decompensated circulation, arteriosclerosis, graviditas, infecting diseases, endometriosis, metorrhagia, genitalis t.b.

Special warnings and precautionary measures in connection with its application The medicinal mud can only be used on a sound skin!

After the mud treatment other thermal treatment is not suggested. A three-hour long waiting period is compulsory between the mud treatment and bathing. A complex treatment can be used only in that cases when the medical specialist suggests it. Increase in pain can happen after the treatment in that case it is adviseable to ask the opinion of a medical specialist.